About Sutubra

We are an implementation consulting company that works with you to lift your business to the next plateau. We design and build out your policies, procedures, and systems. Those systems may be software, Kanban, whiteboards, or anything else you need, and most importantly, we implement them for you while we work with your team to launch and refine the workflow. Simply put, we’re not done until you are scalable.

Have you ever said to yourself, “there’s just too much I need to remember?” We work with companies that have anywhere from 5-50 people and need to run the business with something more than spreadsheets, pieces of paper, and memory. In other words, we help businesses grow beyond what any one person can keep in their head into a business that is no longer “key person dependent.”

What People Say

Success oriented with a low key approach and high energy behind it. Witnessed the transformation of a successful business struggling with growing pains. Edward put systems in place to grow the business from $12M to over $25M while lowering the stress level.

Jose Villanueva, Materion Electrofusion

Edward is my go-to person for system and process design and implementation.  He listens carefully to the issues that are slowing down business, proposes a preliminary solution and works tirelessly to customize the process for the size and scope of the business. On top of all that, he’s genuinely a delight to work with and keeps me laughing.

Virginia Vickers, Quality Consultant serving  in Medical Device and SaMD

Edward demonstrated his knowledgeability and led us to the solution we were looking for; and I learned a lot by studying his work.  If I ever need FileMaker or related guidance, he’ll be the first one I contact.

David Calderon, Pegasus Design

By combining his knowledge in what companies need to be successful, operational experience, and database know-how, Edward was able to create a number of robust systems (CAPA, DMR, & time tracking) which were capable of growing along with our company.  His ability to take an organization’s requirements and create a simple yet elegant solution allows users to get exactly what they need without needing to jump through the hoops that other more expensive, packaged systems require.

Brian Lowe, Engineering & Operations Manager – Materion

Let’s build something together.