We’ve used many different pieces of software and use a “Best in Class” approach. We mix and match the different software based on your specific needs. Don’t worry, when we’re done, it will be as seamless as if it were always meant to be!

Here are some of the systems we’ve used in the past:

Great all around web-based relational database for giving an aggregated view of what is going on and the ability to dig into the details of any part of it, from anywhere in the world.
Great for scheduling, tying dependent events together, and easily updating dates on the fly.
Claris FileMaker
Excellent locally based relational database, good for understanding and controlling your business. While it is available as a cloud based service, it can also be run on an on-premises server or on a standalone computer without the need for a monthly subscription.
The easy way to make a mobile app tied to Google Sheets, Smartsheet, Dropbox, or many other online providers.
ERP Systems
Are you tied to a larger corporate ERP system, or do you work with a smaller one on your own? We can work with any Accounting or ERP system that has APIs or can generate a CSV file, too! That includes Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle, Epic, Spectrum, QAD, etc.
Online File Storage
Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, etc. are all great ways to store data. We can help you get at that data when and where you need it.