You don’t use cookie-cutter solutions to serve your customers, and neither do we.

Every client’s situation is different, so we use an interview process designed to make sure that we get to the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. Below are some examples of the kind of work we do to not just resolve the problems, but to build the ability of the company to grow and make better decisions along the way.

Getting so PO’d!

As CEO, I’m frustrated because projects go over budget and run late, and I don’t know how much we spend on them until the month end P&L statement. I’m up late at night, every night, just to catch up on work. There’s no chance of any work / life balance for me.

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Welcome aboard – now what?

It was supposed to be a simple job – just on-board employees. How did it get so complicated? Now I complete a long list of HR things and also keep track of everything IT and Operations needs to do. How do I know whether any of it ever got done?

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My employees are leaving money on the table

I hire smart people and I treat them well, but they don’t seem to care about cutting costs or charging the customers a fair price. I can’t get them to see the connection between what they do and how much we make, and we are leaving money on the table. How can I get my employees excited about growing the company?

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Pricing with an infinite number of choices

Every order is similar, but every order is also so different! Some people want two of these and none of those, some want to swap “standard” equipment, and some want extra equipment. Somehow we need to make sure Purchasing keeps up with the changes the customer makes so we don’t buy parts we typically need rather than the parts we actually need. Sure, the fact that we can customize our standard product is a huge competitive advantage, but there’s no way I can remember everything.

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Everything would be perfect if not for the defects

It all works great on paper, but paper isn’t reality. Not only do we need to fix what’s broken, we need to figure out why it broke, make sure it doesn’t happen again, and document it for our ISO certifications. How do I keep track of the problems, and more importantly, how do I predict where the problems will be so they can be fixed before they happen?

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When will it get here and when will we ship it out?

Being a distributor has never been so hard. Not only do we need to get everything in from our vendors, but we also need to upgrade some of the units, integrate them with others, and get them out to the customers. Meanwhile, our customers demand to know their order status all the time. I can’t even keep up with my own logistics – how do I answer all their questions, too?

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Let’s build something great together.